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From an Internet security standpoint, Broadband is more dangerous than dial-up because you are always connected to the Internet. It is better than dial-up because it is much easier to download Microsoft Windows "critical updates" and updates for anti-virus and other security software products.

Overview -- See the Broadband special report at PC Magazine, February 1, 2003.

DSL & Cable ISPs with Security Services

  • EarthLink offers dial-up, DSL and cable options. They offer firewall (ZoneAlarm), anti-virus (Symantec/Norton) and anti-spam online email filters, and their software has anti-spyware, pop-up blocker, privacy and parental control features.
  • MSN 8 includes anti-virus (McAfee), junk mail filters, and parental controls; $10 for software only (use with your existing ISP); or order with a DSL service like Verizon Online.
  • SBC Yahoo!� DSL includes a firewall, anti-virus (Computer Associates), SpamGuard, pop-up blocker, and parental controls.

Internet Connection Locking Devices

These products automatically disconnect a computer from its external dsl/cable modem when a user is not actively surfing:

Modem & Router Combo Units

  • Motorola SBG1000 Wireless Cable Modem Gateway -- Includes six typical networking devices in one box: a Surfboard cable modem; a five-port Ethernet switch; an 802.11b access point; a phone-line adapter; a print server; and a firewall.
    • CNet review, Brian Nadel, August 8, 2003
  • Netgear DG814 DSL Modem Gateway Router and NETGEAR CG814M wireless cable modem gateway
    • CNet CG814M review, Brian Nadel, December 18, 2002
    • ADSL Guide DG814 review, Andrew Ferguson, October 20, 2002
    • ZDNet UK DG814 review, Peter Judge, September 27, 2002
  • Hawking AR740 10Base-T ADSL router with modem + 4-port 10/100M switch
  • Toshiba PCX5000 wireless cable modem 4-port gateway with SPI firewall, $129 list price. Note: The security upgrade from SofaWare is $50 ($90 list).

Broadband Resource Sites

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