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Privacy Protection Products and information on this page include Articles, Ad-Blocking, Browsers, Browser Clean-Up, Cookie Managers, Email Privacy, Kid Safe, Multiple Features, Password Manager & Form Filler, Private Browsing, Web Bugs, and Privacy Resource Sites.

Basic Internet security measures including ISP online filters, firewall, and virus, Trojan, worm, spyware and spam protection are only the beginning. For families, software to protect kids is needed. If you keep sensitive personal information and/or documents on your computer, they should be password protected or encrypted. If you dislike the idea of companies tracking your surfing habits, you need software to erase your browser tracks and manage cookies. If you prefer to install fewer products with more features, take a look at our page on Internet security suites or other products with multiple features on this page.




  • AdSubtract Pro, InterMute, 30 day trial, $30
  • AntiPopUp for IE Webknacks, $20; It also cleans Cache files, Cookies, 'Visited URLs', Typed URL Address dropdown list, the history folders, Recently Visited links and more.
  • PanicWare -- Pop-Up Stopper freeware, Pop-Up Stopper Pro $20, Pop-Up Stopper Companion $40
    • dooyoo Pop-Up Stopper review, Nibelung, March 17, 2002
  • PopUpCop $20, 30 day free trial
  • STOPzilla, $30, 15 day free trial
  • xFX PopUpKiller, freeware


  • AVANT Browser, freeware, includes pop-up stopper, flash filter and records cleaner, supports RoboForm password manager and form filler (see below)
  • MyIE2 Browser, freeware, includes ad blocker and privacy protection, supports RoboForm password manager and form filler (see below)

Browser Clean-Up

Cookie Managers

Email Privacy

Kid Safe

  • Net Nanny 5 Internet Safety Filter, $40, CD or download, multiple users, content filter for web sites, IRC Chat, newsgroups, personal information, email, pop-up and pop-under ad blocker, and cookie blocking.
  • McAfee Privacy Services, $35 per year, age based Internet access, content filter for web, chat and privacy, cookie blocking, automatic updates and upgrades.
  • Contentwatch -- audit is free, cleanup $20, content protect $50, popup protect $30, email protect $40, watchworks $90 (combines content, popup and spam protection).
  • Kid Surfer, $30, download, browser for kids 3-12, kids can only view approved sites. Site selection criteria prohibit adult focused, violence, foul language, ads and links that are not kid safe, chat rooms, un-monitored message boards.
  • iProtectYou, $30, download, 21 day free trial, control which web sites can be visited, which programs can have Internet access, block e-mails, chat sessions and instant messages with inappropriate words, stop annoying ads, and/or restrict Internet time to a predetermined schedule. Set different levels of restrictions for every member of your family depending on their maturity, interest, habits, and parental control needs.

Multiple Features

Privacy Resource Sites


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