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Privacy Policies

The Home PC Firewall Guide is intended to provide relatively non-technical information to computer users about Internet security. Product selection and use are up to you. If you have problems with an Internet security product, you should contact the vendor.

We support the Consumer Web Watch guidelines to promote credible information practices on the Web; for more information click here.

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Shopping Data -- We do not sell products or services ourselves. We are an affiliate of companies and merchants that do. When you purchase a product or service using an affiliate link on our website, you are providing personal information to them, not to us. As an affiliate, no personal information is shared by them with us. We prefer it that way. We are not responsible for data that we do not have. For more information, see the privacy policies at each vendor's website (like Zone Labs for ZoneAlarm Pro) or at affiliate services like Amazon.comNotes: Some vendors and affiliate service providers use cookies and web bugs to perform useful services for end users and affiliate websites. You can use the security features of your browser and/or get software to block, manage or remove them.

Personal Data -- With one exception, we do not collect personal information about anyone. The exception is our newsletter for which our subscribers voluntarily give us their email address. Sign up for the newsletter is double opt-in and we do not ask for or accept any other personal information. An opt-out link is given in every issue. It is our policy that we will not share these email addresses with anyone. For more information about our service provider, see the privacy policy page at

Computer Data -- We use a statistical tracking service to collect and analyze traffic on our site. This information helps us understand visitor interests and helps us improve our website. Please visit Urchin for their privacy policy. Notes: Most websites have server log files and track visitor statistics. You can use the security features of your browser and/or get software to block or manage what data can be collected.

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