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Spam Stoppers -- Consider using an Internet service provider or an email service that includes anti-virus and spam filtering as your first line of defense. An increasing number of Internet service providers (ISP) and email services are offering anti-virus and spam filtering services to their customers. If you need or want to keep your current ISP who does not offer these services, try an email service that does. In addition to or instead of an online service, you can install software on your computer to catch spam. For an overview of the problem, see Can E-Mail Survive? Cade Metz, PC Magazine, February 17, 2004.

Comparative Reviews

  • Spam-Proof Your In-Box, Logan Harbaugh, PC World, May 4, 2004 -- best buy is SpamNet, also includes reviews of SpamCatcher, InBoxer, MailShield, SpamKiller, Panda suite, IHateSpam, Norton, PC-cillin suite.

  • Spam busters on test, Nigel Whitfield, Personal Computer World UK, March 3, 2004 -- InBoxer, SpamNet, MailWasher PRo, SpamKiller 2004,  SAProxyPro & Norton AntiSpam
  • Spam Blockers, Neil Rubenking, PC Magazine, February 17, 2004 -- Editor's Choices are Norton AntiSpam 2004 and Qurb, others tested are iHateSpam, MailFrontier Matador, MailWasher Pro, McAfee SpamKiller, SAproxy Pro, SpamCatcher, SpamNet, ChoiceMail & Vanquish Pro.
  • E-mail spam: How to stop it from stalking, Consumer Reports, August 2003
  • Slam that spam -- editor's choices Spamnix & SpamAssassin Pro, SpamKiller, Qurb, Matador, iHateSpam & SpamCop, MailBlocks, Daniel Tynan, CNet, April 24, 2003.

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